Why Should I Drink Green Tea?

Cup of Green Tea

Grean Tea is loaded with Health Benefits!

Green Tea is awesome! Seriously! I love the stuff! Let’s just state that simple fact first, and then we can talk about why it’s so awesome and how you can incorporate it into your diet. If you’ve been asking about all the hype regarding green tea, this blog post should answer your question, “Why should I drink green tea?”


To spell it out for you, you should drink green tea simply because it’s very good for you and healthier than coffee! No really, it contains antioxidants that fight cancer, yet it is lower in caffeine than black tea or coffee. It is also a natural substitute for coffee with many more health benefits and comes in many more tasty flavors than coffee does. And if you’re trying to kick the refined sugar habit you can add the lower calorie all natural substitute, ‘honey’ which studies have shown can also help you fight allergies. Try putting honey in your coffee…YUCK! Not to mention tea is actually very good for your teeth and won’t stain them the way coffee does.

Some studies suggest the drinking Greet Tea can also help to promotes fat loss and that it improves blood circulation in the body. I recommend drinking green tea in the morning with your breakfast and instead of coffee. If you ever see me in the morning you will see that I often have a cup of hot green tea in hand. Well that and sometimes another favorite of mine called “Spark” which is a vitamin drink with amino acids for improving metal focus from a company called Advocare. (if you want to know more about this one, you will have to ask me in person!)

Green tea doesn’t have to be hot. You can ice it or even add a splash of your favorite all natural juice for added benefits and flavor. I sometimes add apple juice to mine and call it “antioxidant punch.” To make tea, simply boil some water, steep your tea in it for a couple minutes and then add your honey and milk or ice and water to meet your taste preferences.

When I started asking why I should drink green tea, I found so many positive answers that it was a no brainer for me. If you make a daily habit out of drinking green tea instead of drinking coffee with tons of cream and sugar or worse yet snacking on something greasy, you can bet that you will lose some weight and your heart and body will thank you!

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