Why Are Over Weight People Using Scooters?

Fat Person on a Scooter

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In a recent Grand Avenue comic strip, the grandma is out for a walk and she sees a young, athletic woman jogging along. “Show-off!” She grumbles to herself. Meanwhile an overweight woman riding a scooter sees the thin grandma out for a walk and says the same thing, “Show-off!”

It is of course human nature that we all envy others, but the two people in that comic strip are fighting the good fight of fitness, while the third one has given up. The young gal is putting her youth to work for her. The grandma can’t help her aging, but she is out walking and she is healthy and active. The overweight person on the scooter appears to have given up hope and I have to just say this really saddens me.

When you can barely carry yourself, let alone your own groceries, a scooter looks really tempting. When it hurts to walk, the thought of moving to get in shape seems like a pipe dream.  But I hate to say riding those darn things really just makes an already tough situation even worse.   I mean how will you get any exercise at all if you resort to a scooter….I know the answer and to be honest when I see overweight people using scooters, I get a little irritated, but mostly I want to hand them my business card.  Of course, I never do because I am polite.

Truth be told I was once overweight – fat, if you will. But I now know how to help these people get off their scooters and into a happy, fulfilling and active life. I have all the tools and expertise to help them rediscover their inner athlete, and I am passionate about helping people of all shapes and sizes, especially people who just want get moving again. We can start slow, baby steps, one small goal at a time. Contact me today!

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