What are the best cardio machines to use for the greatest results? (3 of 10)

When it comes to choosing your cardio exercise there is a startling array of machines to choose from. The main thing to consider is your own individual comfort and enjoyment. Cardio is generally performed for 20 minutes or more so it’s important you like the activity you have chosen otherwise it’s unlikely you are going to stick with your exercise routine. With that being said, let’s look at a few different machines…

Exercise bike – as a low impact form of exercise, the bike is a good choice if you suffer from painful knees, hips, feet or back but for some people the seat can prove to be uncomfortable. The exercise bike has minimal upper body involvement although it does provide a great workout for the muscles of the legs.

Treadmill – whether walking or running, the treadmill provides a convenient alternative to exercising outside. For many new users, using a treadmill is initially a strange sensation and this may take a while to get used to. Once you have mastered the treadmill, it can provide a very effective workout for even the fittest exerciser.

Rowing Machine – another low impact exercise, the rowing machine is hard to beat for an all over workout. Rowing uses pretty much all of the body’s muscles including the legs, arms, back and abs. Rowing is, however, a skill that has to be learnt and bad rowing technique may increase your risk of suffering from a back injury so it’s worth getting some expert advice if you want to use the rowing machine so you know you are using it correctly.

Elliptical trainer – using the upper and lower body, the elliptical trainer is a good all over-workout which is easy to use with no tricky techniques to learn. Because it is low impact, it’s ideal for people with less than perfect hips, knees, ankles or feet.


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