Was Out Sick! Now Hiring & INVESTORS WANTED!

imageLet me start out this blog post by saying Pneumonia SUCKS! Yep, that’s right…for the last few days I have been a bit laid up with a core temperature that was teetering between 100 and 104 degrees. You also have to understand that I just NEVER get sick and I am also VERY active so it was torture for me to have to just lay down and rest. But the rest wasn’t really working for me and I realized my temperature just wasn’t going away and so I decided to check into the hospital ER late on the fourth day.

Three and ½ hours later they had me X-rayed and then diagnosed with Pneumonia. Within 20 minutes of the diagnosis they then had me shuffled out the door with a prescription for some Antibiotics. WOW! That was fast!  BTW -  It may be totally psychosomatic but I could swear that I actually “felt” better within minutes of taking the medication.

So needless to say, I missed a few days of work.  And I think I “feel” worse about missing work and getting to spend time with my clients than I “feel” for being sick…I mean emotionally feel bad for missing VS physically feeling bad due to being ill.  Hope that makes sense….

So if you’re one of my clients who I missed out on a session with I really do apologize, but sometimes you just have to take care of YOU before you can care for others.   On that note,  I don’t think anyone really understands how much I love my job. Usually, I don’t miss teaching a session with my clients for anything, and I live my life in the pursuit of giving the absolute best fat burning, physique improving workouts I possibly can.  In fact, sometimes I get total insomnia thinking up new workout routines that will help my clients get to their desired results even faster.

Anyway, during this week a few new clients had just started up.  If that was you, or if you are in the midst of starting up your first week trial or if you’re on a 30 day deal come talk to me and I’ll work something out for you.

The worst part for me about missing a few days work is that I am actually in the imageprocess of finding a suitable substitute/partner trainer to help me out with a few of my classes each week.  Thing is….as most everyone knows…. my wife and I are expecting our first child.  So I am going to need some time off coming soon and I want to make sure that my clients (as well my good name) are well taken care of.  So in the last few weeks I have posted ads on the internet and I have received numerous responses of interest.

But I am PICKY!  First and foremost…I am not looking for just any trainer.  My clients come to me because I GUARANTEE results!  I do this because I am just that confident in my skills as a personal trainer.  My program is really quite simple.  Workout with me at least three days a week and follow my simple nutrition advice and you are going to get to your goal as fast and safely as humanly possible and I GUARANTEE it!.  I don’t know of any other trainers in the area who offer anywhere near the caliber of service I offer, or have even got the nerve to put their money where there mouth is by offering up a money back guarantee.

So do you understand why I am having a problem finding a trainer to partner with me and be my right hand man?  OK good… So here is why I decided I was going to write about this.  I figure that if I just tell all of my clients, my friends and my loyal blog followers that I am looking for a super AWESOME, super HIGH ENERGY, super PASSIONATE and VERY ENTHUSIASTIC person who is EAGER to help people reach their goals…maybe you guys can help me find this person?

The number of certifications this person has is not what is important to me; they don’t even need to have a degree in a fitness related field.  They DO need to have a certification though  one of the nationally accredited fitness certification bodies such as ACE, ACSM, NASM, NSCA,  ISSA etc…and of course general liability insurance.  BUT….if your not reading between the lines here….what is more important to me than where or when or how many letters they have by their name are those attributes that I named above…  PASSION, ENTHUSIASM, ENERGY and above all else a GENUINE DESIRE TO HELP PEOPLE!

Its frustrating to me to know that we have thousands of trainers living in this city, and that I have not been able to find that ONE who meets that criteria and would like to partner up with me and help me expand my business.  So if any of you out there read my blog know of someone I should be talking to then PLEASE….introduce us!!!!

imageLast but not least…as if it isn’t obvious yet; I am trying to grow my business.  Not to long ago I hired a personal assistant who helps me out on a part-time “as needed basis” and well…I’d like to hire her full time 40 hours a week, because  well #1 she rocks and #2 my business could grow faster if I did.  In fact, with a new trainer on with me and my assistant on full time I am certain I am going to be growing my business a heck of a lot faster anyway, BUT….what would help me grow my business even faster than any of that is if I had some bank roll to back me up.

So I am also putting out the call here to look for a potential private investor.  I’m looking to open my own facility in the next year or so. (Currently I sublease space)  Of course if I keep on doing what I’m doing I could eventually do this all on my own.  But I’d like to speed up the process quite a bit.  I’ve got a rock solid business and marketing plan and any would be investor is going to love it.  I’ve been working on the plan for a few years now and I am more than ready to take my business to the next level.  So if you happen to know anyone looking for an amazing investment opportunity please send them my way.  The fitness industry is one of the few industries out there actually prospering during these rough financial times so I am certain there are people out there looking for such an opportunity.  I’m certain you know how to get in touch with me if you do!

Thanks for being one of my loyal blog readers.  As usual feel free to leave a comment for me in the field below.

To Your Continued Success!


JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.

The San Diego Personal Trainer that GUARANTEES results!

PS: I’m are about to launch an AWESOME program I call my 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program that is designed with the new client in mind.  In just a few days I’ll be sending out the info so stay tuned for this very unusual 24 Hour SALE!!!


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