WANTED: High Energy, Awesome and Put Together Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

I’ve had some bad luck finding the “right” admin for my business so I’ve put together this “pre-interview.”  Only those who complete the tasks below will be called in for an interview.

  • 1. What’s your name?
  • 2. What was your last job?
  • 3. Have you done assistant or admin work in the past?
  • 4. Why do you feel you’re qualified for this job?
  • 5. I am going to be making a four day weekend business trip and ask for you to find me the best deal on a place to stay while at a fitness convention..  The trip is to Costa Mesa, CA. and the hotel the event is at is called the Wyndam Hotel.  I need to decide if I am going to stay at this hotel at the discounted group rate of $97 a night or get another hotel close by.  Please find me the best deal that won’t take me to far away from this location.
  • 6. I ask you to find me the best deal on purchasing 20 new sets of 16oz boxing gloves with a Velcro closure.  I am not interested in purchasing the brand known as “Everlast.”  Find me this deal.
  • 7. Why should I hire you for this position?
  • 8. I want you to create a flier of ANYTHING you want using word. Add some pics and cool looking text and some cool fonts.  Basically show me what you can do with word and send it to me.  I also want to to take the same flier and make it into a PDF and a JPG. and if you really want to impress me, post the image on Craig’s list and send me the link to it so that I can see it.
  • 9. What other value can you bring to my personal training business?

Cut and paste these questions into an email, answer ALL OF THEM in detail, attach your resume and email me at .


PS: Please do NOT call me…I don’t have an assistant to answer your calls!