There can be only one!

onlyoneEvery holiday season the same things happens to me the last few weeks of the year and all during the holiday season.

I show up to teach a class, and no one is there.


I get it…

Stuff comes up.

  • · Holiday Parties,
  • · Family Gatherings,
  • · Friends come in from out of town,
  • · people leave town on vacation.

I’m not upset…It happens…it’s the holidays.

But for some reason, my clients always seem to forget to remind me that they are not coming! (or maybe I just forget?).

Either way it sort of sucks to show up to an empty class.

So last year I did this little experiment with a few of my clients to try and keep them motivated and on track for the holiday season.

I came up with a Formula for Holiday Weight Loss and it worked!

All they had to do was follow these 3 unusual guidelines:

holiday-weight-loss-tips#1 – You must eat whatever you’d normally eat. In other words NO DIETING!

We are just adding in a few natural metabolism revving foods.

#2 – You had to MISS any workouts that interfered with family events, holiday shopping or vacations even if it meant missing a straight week of boot camp.

#3 – Read my “Ultimate Fat Loss For Dummies” super fat burning report and apply anything that feels right to you and is easy for you to do.

Now, I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING, it sounds too good to be true?

Well just to put your mind at ease, let me PROVE to you WHY this has no choice but to work!

(it’s simple really)

· The program is 6 weeks.

· Each workout we do burns approximately 800 calories and then another 200 after the workout because of the “after burn effect”.

· Even if you were to miss two and a half weeks, and only worked out 3 days a week on the weeks you train, you’ll still burn a total of 15,000 calories.

· By adding a few natural metabolism-revving foods, you’ll burn about 200 extra calories a day. (200x’s 52 days = 10,400 calories)

· Total calories burned = 25,400

· A pound of fat = 3500 calories

So let’s do the math…

25,400 calories burned = 7.25 pounds of FAT LOSS!

And, since the average women gains around 3-5 LBS over the holidays, and with the My Special Holiday Fat Buster Formula you can expect to lose 7.5 pounds, you can see now how you’ll LOSE weight over the holidays in my program.

(At the very least you can with confidence expect to not gain a single “holiday pound” like all your friends :)

Now, if you’ve read this far, then you’re probably curious to know how it works.

So here’s what you need to know:

The Holiday Fat Buster Formula is a 6 week program.

And so this year we turned it into a contest!

I called it “The 6 Week Holiday Body Transformation Challenge.”


We started on Monday November 7th and it ended this past Monday December 19th.

And so on Monday we held our fitness assessment to measure everyone’s progress.

The Results are simply MIND BLOWING!

But this was a contest.

And so there is going to be just one winner.

The way the contest worked was that we separated everyone into three teams.

We have a Red Team, a White Team, and a Blue Team. (Because those are my favorite colors).

So each team had a Captain.

And the teams were competing for points.

Points were earned for attendance, for maintaining a nutrition journal, and for overall improvement.

Now I measured improvement based on a fitness performance, not on change in body.

However, the overall winner is being awarded based on best overall change in body composition.

So then I offered up a prize to the winning team.

The team with the most overall points wins a Dinner Party!

So after the holidays I’ll be inviting them all out to a meal at one of my Favorite Mediterranean Restaurants.

Lean and mean, and actually quite healthful! (I’ll announce the exact, time, date and place later).

And so the client with the best overall change in Body Composition is getting an Ipad2!

Ok, truth be told, right after I made the announcement that the prize was going to be an Ipad2 quite a few of my clients made silly sad faces! Sad smile 

I guess that the Ipad2 wasn’t as cool as I thought it was…. but giving away a prize was a great way to keep people motivated and no one argued that point, so instead of giving away an actual Ipad2… instead the winner is getting a Gift Certificate to get the gift of their choice at Best Buy.

Now before I tell you who the winning team is I want you to know this was not an easy decision to make.

But after adding up all the points, redoing the math, double checking the math and reviewing all of my notes and sign in sheets from the last 6 weeks my assistant and I were finally able to come up with a winner.

And so without further ado….

The winning team is….

The RED team with a total team score of 283 points!

Blue team came in a close second with a total team score of 231 points

and White team came in with 161 points.

So please say congratulations to the members of the red team when you see them!

Better yet….leave a comment in the section bellow this post!

Now the red team members will be meeting me for a Dinner Party after the holidays are over at which time I will present the winner with the best over all change in total Body Composition with their prize.


I know what you are thinking!

You want to know who the overall winner is, right?

OK, so before I make this announcement I want to tell you one more thing.

When we started this contest I told EVERYONE that if they wanted a “competive advantge that there were a couple of things they could do to gain that advantage and still be considered fair play.

The first – show up at least 3 days a week without fail.  MORE days of course….equals MORE BETTER~

Second – Follow the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Nutrition Program.

Well this winner did both!

As a result of coming an average of 4 days per week AND by using the meal plan and supplements provided by Advocare the winner of this contest has results of pretty much double all of the other contestants!

Now I want to tell you that the average weight loss for most people in the challenge ranged from 4lbs – 6lbs and the runner up….

Well she dropped a total of 6lbs,  4.6% body fat and a total of 8” off her entire body…..

That person is Maryann Hurtado!  Congratulations! Keep on rocking!

And I so wish I could give away more prizes because there were several others who did really well.


There can be only one!

But first…here are some folks from my 6:30am class!


Now if you have read this far and did NOT skip through all of that then I want to tell you you are AWESOME!

But if you did skip….GO BACK AND READ IT!  LOL!

and so without further ado…..

Please Congratulate Jessica Stedman!


   6 Weeks Of Hard Work!

Jessica you are AWESOME!

Keep up the great work!  You are an inspiration to all!

Jessica is down 12 total pounds, a total of 2% Body Fat Change, and a total of 4 inches off her waist and 2 inches off her hips, 2.5 inches off of each thigh, and 2 inches off of each arm  – for a total of 12 total inches GONE forever!

Now ….

before I sign off this post….

I do want to take a moment to plug an up and coming event.

on Saturday January 7th I will be kicking off my NEXT Body Transformation Contest.

This day at 1:00pm…..

At my studio in La Mesa….

I will go over all the details and rules for how YOU too can lose those unwanted pounds and inches for good!

This will be the kick off date for “The 24 Day Challenge”



and this time…..

We will be competing for $cash$



So please…..mark your calendars!


After the holidays you know you are going to need to do this and…..who can’t use a bit of extra cash eh?





To Your Continued Success


JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.


The San Diego Personal Trainer that GUARANTEES you results!




PS: PLEASE…..Be sure to leave a comment below congratulating the winners!






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