The flat stomach ab routine.

For today’s Blog Post I wanted to show you a very quick and effective ab routine.

You will need a “Roman Chair” or sometimes it’s called a “Captains Chair” to do this one but regardless of what you call it you will love this routine.

When I do this routine I typically shoot for five total rounds. As a beginner you may want to try just one round. If your more advanced two or three sets should do it. If you’re a bit athletic like me then go for the gold and try and hit 5 rounds.

You will do as many of each of the three exercises as you can in a 1 minute interval, but you will NOT take a break between each one, This a 3 minute routine at the beginner level and as you advance with it you will continue to crank out reps and adding sets until you max out and are filling up a 15 minute block.

Start with roman chair knee ups.

Then you’re going to the windshield wiper

Then do full sit ups.

By the time you’re done with these three abdominal exercises you will have hit ALL of the muscle fibers in your abdominal wall. Which makes this a heck of a routine.

Upper Abs, Oblique’s, Transverse Abdominals and the Lower Abs. – BAM! If it burns….That is how you know it is working!

Watch the video below to see me instruct the three exercises.

If you try this routine out, please leave me a comment below and let me know how it went!

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