The Benefits of H.I.I.T. Training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is characterized by performing very short bursts of maximum effort followed by shorter breaks of lighter exercises for recovery.

High Intensity Inerval Training

Multiple Short Bursts of Intense Exercise

While a longer steady state style cardiovascular workout may burn more calories during the workout, shorter and more intense HIIT style workouts have been clinically shown to boost the metabolism for up to 36 hours after the workout; meaning you get an after burn effect and a greater over all metabolic stimulus effect.

When you go for a long run or walk on the treadmill or ride a bike at a certain steady pace, your metabolism gradually elevates and comes right back down when you are done.  Doing a shorter more intense HIIT session will shock your metabolism into hyper drive and stimulates your muscles so that you continue burning calories after you workout is done. With HIIT training, not only will you will burn a ton of calories during the workout but you will burn even more

throughout the rest of your day.

Doing long cardio sessions has merit for certain aspects of heart health, but the benefits of HIIT training are starting to outflank those steady-state boring workouts. If you interval train this way, it is easier on your bones and joints, burns more calories, takes less time, and is simple to learn.

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