The Basics of Yoga

As you may know I have been on a bit of “Yoga Kick” lately.  I’ve been attending a yoga class every day, seven days a week since before summer started.   Well as you might have guessed, I am getting quite flexible.  In fact I’ve been able to extend my sit and reach test by a whole 8 inches thus far!

So I thought I’d share a bit with you today on the basics of Yoga.

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Mountain Pose at Sunset Cliffs

To understand the basics of Yoga it is helpful to  know that Yoga was born thousands of years ago in ancient India as a method of teaching villagers strength and self-defense.   Yoga is most often taught in the ancient language of Sanskrit.   Yoga is a form of exercise in which you move from one asanas, or pose to the next in a soft flowing type fashios, and yoga basically means “union.”

The movements and meditations create a union between mind, body and spirit making Yoga quite different that your average stretching class.  Yoga classes can take place anywhere: On the beach, in a park, in health clubs, aerobics studios, dojos, or even private studios and your home.  Breath leads every peaceful, flowing motion, and soft music is sometimes used for further relaxation.

While Yoga is steeped in the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, you need not be religious to participate. Some yogi instructors will use quiet meditation, allowing you to ponder your own thoughts, while others lead guided meditations. Instructor style varies greatly, but if you are willing to learn the basics, you will discover that yoga is in fact for everyone.

I highly reccomend that you try to integrate Yoga into your over all health and fitness program and if you need any suggestions on styles, studios or instructors, please let me know.

Your comments as always, are appreciated.


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