Ten easy steps to faster weight loss.

Believe me when I tell you that I “know” that being overweight can affect your body and your mind in a multitude of ways that most people are not aware of.    When I was overweight it definitely affected my self-esteem and as such I led  a reclusive and sometimes alienated social life and not to mention my physical abilities were hindered, and of course the common health risks we have all heard of and even depression.  And trust me…I know all about this last one very well also..

Certainly weight loss can seem to be an endless struggle and with all the so called “experts” that can never seem to agree on anything, permanent weight loss may seem impossible.   However, permanent weight loss can be attained with a little bit of willingness, determination and a bit of help from a fitness coach such as myself, and since I have been there I know better than most trainers what it takes to get where I am now.

Here are a few easy to implement steps that can help make your transition to a new healthier you a just a bit easier.

1.  Make some changes to your diet:

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Change your diet

I’m not talking about going on a diet, I’m talking about making changed to the way that you already eat, how often you eat and how much you eat when you do eat.  You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight and in fact doing so would provide the opposite desired result.  Avoid the junk foods such as high calorie pizza and fast food burgers.  Stay away from animal fats and try to incorporate as many whole grains, fruits and vegetables into your diet as you can.

2.  Add some exercise to your life:

I’m sure you have heard it before.  Exercise is the most crucial part of your weight loss program.  If you’re going to lose weight and keep it off permanently you’re going to need to burn off the extra fat by following a fitness routine at least 3 – 4 days a week.  Studies have shown that even just two days a week will yield some great results so if you’re short on time, something will be better than nothing.  There is no need to overdo it. Start your routine with a gentle warm up followed with some simple stretching exercises. If you follow this simple advice in a few short days you will find that it gets easier and that you are able to do more each time you work out.   As always I recommend that you consult with your physician or a qualified fitness professional before you begin a new fitness program.

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Add some exercise

3. Go for a Walk:

Walking is by far one the best ways to keep your body healthy and strong.   Personally I try to walk as much as possible and make it part of my daily routine.  It’s really not that hard to fit walking into your busy schedule and If you really don’t have the time to take a stroll in the park then at least take the stairs whenever possible and when you go to the mall, park at the back of the parking lot and walk the extra few feet to the entrance,   Waling will not only help you burn a few extra calories but it also helps tone your legs, thighs and but!

4.  Stay well hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water is probably the most important component to a solid weight loss program   Water will help you

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Stay Hydrated

to feel full longer without taking in extra calories and will also help you flush fat and other toxins from the body.   It is recommended that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day

5.  Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Mom always said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and she was right!   Skipping breakfast or other meals during the day forces your body into starvation mode, which means that your metabolism is slowed down and won’t allow you to burn off the unwanted body fat,   If you’re not a big breakfast eater try having some cereal with skim milk and a small glass of juice to start.  This is a simple breakfast that is easy to digest.   As you become used to eating breakfast again try adding in fruits to your morning breakfast.   Oatmeal is also a better option than most breakfast cereals and has been clinically proven to provide better results, reduce cholesterol in the body and provides a longer lasting feeling of fullness.

6.  Stay away from junk and processed foods:

Junk food doesn’t just mean candy and chips.  I’m also referring to fast food and other processed garbage.  Stay away from most chain restaurants as well, as they aren’t that much healthier than their fast food chain cousins.  If you are hungry and need a snack, try reaching for the vegetable tray some fresh fruit or mixed nuts.  Lastly, try to eat most of your meals at home, where you will know what goes into them and not to mention it’s a lot cheaper to eat at home as well.

7.  Eat light and eat often:

If you want to lose weight and burn off that excess fat fast, you are going  to need  to eat several small meals several times a day.  By increasing the frequency of your meals and making each one small, your body will never have the chance to store those calories and so this will also help to raise your metabolism so that your body becomes more willing to let go of that unwanted body fat.

8.  Try some lemons:

I personally LOVE to eat Lemons.  No, not lemon aid, just the lemons!  Something about the face they force me to make that just leaves me craving more of them.  Lemons have been believed to play a part in weight loss and have been used as a weapon against obesity since ancient times.  By adding a few drops to your water it is said to be a super food that can help stimulate the metabolism.  Personally, I just use them to sweeten my teas.  If adding lemon to your water or tea makes it to sour for your taste, try adding a bit of honey as well.  Honey will provide extra sweetness without the added calories.

9.  Lose the weight slowly:

Let’s just be honest, you probably didn’t gain that weight over night.  It came on over a gradual period of time and then suddenly you realized that it had snuck up on you.  So don’t try to lose it all over night..  If you’re going to lose the weight “permanently” you will want to lose it gradually,  The more gradual you lose the weight the more permanent it will be.  A safe weight loss is around 1 – 2 pounds per week. Losing weight faster than this leaves your skin saggy and can also present other health issues.

10. Set measurable goals:

Finally, setting measurable and realistic weekly goals that you can track easily will help to keep you motivated.  I recommend tracking your results in a journal..  Taking measurements with a tape, as well as taking body composition at least once every four weeks will help you to see the results and can serve as valuable motivation.  But don’t get obsessed with your weight on the scale.  Believe it or not, your weight on the scale is irrelevant.  Not to mention that most people will actually gain a few pounds when they first start working out because they start to gain muscle.  But after a few months that new muscle will start helping you to burn more calories and more fat.  After a while… You will be a slimmer, healthier you.

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