So what is your excuse?

Today I would like to tell you about a friend I have known since Junior High.

This friend of mine has been someone who has always inspired me.

You see, he was born without arms and with only one leg.

He walks with a limp and has prosthetic hooks for limbs.

We call him “The Pimp with the Limp” on account of he is just one cool dude (Um yeah…pimps are just that cool!), but in Junior High we teased him a bit and called him “hook”, you know…because we were kids and that’s just what kids do… but it never bothered him.

In fact, I don’t think that anything ever bothered him. He was just always confident in himself and always believed in himself.

Today I think about him and his condition and I am just stunned by his adaptation to the world around us.

It’s not so much the miracle of modern science and medicine that has created his limbs for him that stuns me, but his general attitude about life.

Here is a guy, who in my eyes has every reason to be angry at the world, but he is the most gentle and caring person I have ever known, not to mention just motivated and ambitious as one could possibly be.

Deep down inside I have to ask myself….. Would I be able to cope with life if I were in his shoes? What about you? How would you cope if you suddenly found yourself handicapped, without arms or legs or unable to move with assistance?

My friend always referred to himself a “handi-capable.” Given the same circumstance I want you to think about that. Would you find this blessing in disguise?

So I have another point I want to tell you about my friend.

A few years ago I came up with an idea for getting more clients that I called the “referral generation method.”

I had sent out emails to my friends as well as posted online that I would train someone for free in exchange for giving me referrals.

I was a bit shocked (to say the least) when this friend of mine…with no arms and only one leg responded to my email that he wanted to come in and trainer with me. I had worked with many people with many different disabilities over the years but…they all had limbs!

But I was up for the challenge and so we made the appointment.

The first thing I want to tell you is that my friend does not drive and that he rides public transportation and so he had gone through a lot of trouble to map out the route so that he could get to my gym on time using the public transportation system.

Now I also want to tell you that he did in fact make it through an entire 1 hour training session.

Instead of focusing on things he could not do, we just worked on things that he could do. Which is of course the general technique I use when dealing with anyone who has an injury or disability.

He never fussed, he never complained and he worked hard to get through the 1 hour session. Which is in my opinion a big accomplishment in itself.

When I realized that he was my last client of the day and that he was going to have to take the bus home I ended up giving him a ride home.

So I guess the reason I am telling you all of this today is because I want you to recognize that this friend of mine with no arms and only one leg, who took the bus all the way across town to come see me and kicked but during a one hour workout…well if he can do it…. What’s your excuse?


Your Friend and Trainer

JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.

PS: I also want you to know that this friend of mine also just completed the 26.2 Mile
Rock N’ Roll Marathon. Way to go bud! You are an amazing individual and inspiration to all!

Here is a photo of him….



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