Six Tips for Being Well

I am certain that you’ve seen those web sites that offer to send you a “wellness tip of the day.” Often they only focus on the physical part of your overall well-being.   Today I am going to cover it all.

Health and Wellness Tips

Health and Wellness Tips

Each of the following 6 tips for being well include one of the six dimensions of being “holistically fit”:   Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Environmental, Emotional, and Social fitness.

1. Move every day! According to the Surgeon General, your heart, lungs and muscles need at least 60 minutes of moderate to strenuous activity every 24 hours.  If you need tips on how to get more movement and exercise into your day; be sure to come back to my blog often.

2.  Nourish your spirit with inspiration. Determine what connects you to the Divine, whether that is being out in nature, reading scripture, meditating, discussing the universe, or whatever feeds your soul, finding time for the spirit is equally as important as nourinsging your body.

3. Stimulate your brain with puzzles, games, new books, or new activities. Whenever you challenge yourself to do something new, your brain gets healthier and neuro-connections are improved.  Constantly challenging your mental abilities will ensure a longer memory and better overall focus .

4. Eat as close to the Earth as you can. Buy food that is as local and fresh and avoid as many pre-packaged and processed foods as possible. Share what you have with others, always recycle and shop used before you buy new.  We only have one earth to live on and if you treat it well, you might just be supporting tip #2 as well!

5. Keep your emotions in check. Being connected with our feelings tells us a lot about where we are and how we can mature, but sometimes we lose perspective, can get depressed or even anxious.   Adding exercise and spiritual nourishment, as well as intellectual stimulus and eating healthy have all been proven to help balance hormones that help us regulate emotions.  This tells us that all of the different aspects of fitness are very much connected.  So f you find yourself losing control of your emotions, first check in with your other areas of fitness and see what may need some work.  If needed speak with a trusted friend or counselor.

6. Cultivate your friendships. This is one of the most important tips for well-being, because a good social network ensures that you have support in all the other areas of wellness. It’s been said that the best vitamin to boost your chances of finding a good friend is “B-1.”

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