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Take time for fitness before it gets you!

As a fitness professional I think the one thing I hear the most from people is that they just don’t have time for exercise. I know…Life is so daily and it never lets up, does it?  The job, the commute, then the gym, and don’t forget about taking time to eat so you don’t pass out!  When time gets tight, scheduling fitness into your day is often the last thing on your “to-do list.”

Scheduling fitness is an important task

Scheduling Fitness is an important task

Here is how it works… If you want to fit a workout into your crazy schedule, you have to make a schedule for it just like everything else in your life. If getting into shape fast is a big priority for you, then it should be reflected in your day-planner. Write your workout in stone and don’t nudge it aside for anything but an emergency.

Let’s put it another way…You day is like a jar full of rocks and sand. If you fill your schedule with tiny bits of everything, you won’t have any room left for the bigger rocks that represent more important things like your fitness and your family. However, if you get in the habit of scheduling fitness and other big priority rocks first, then you can shake a lot of little fun things down into the cracks … and maybe a little more fitness too!

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