San Diego Personal Trainer Demonstrates Kettle Bells

The other day I posted a blog about Kettle Bells. Well I got a ton of responses including emails, and even face book comments wanting more information about that post and about Kettle Bells in general, so to answer some questions that resulted from that blog post , I made a real quick video this morning to help answer those questions.

Now please don’t laugh, but while making this video I almost hit myself in the FACE with a 26lb Kettle Bell! Wowzers!

This “almost mistake” should serve as a valuable lesson to PAY ATTENTION when you are working with a Kettle Bell. After all, you are “swinging” what basically equates to a friggin cannon ball around in the air. Now I have to be honest…I was more focused on watching the camera at that moment so this is one of those cases where I tell you to do what I say, not as I do!

Hey…I am not perfect and I decided NOT to edit this video just to show you that I am a real person, so I hope you appreciate that.

So anyway, in a blog post last week I gave away a short little workout you can do at home that involves the use of Kettle Bells.

Watch this video and I will explain that workout for you in greater detail.


Please, if you have questions or comments, please leave them below. I really appreciate your input.

Committed to your success!

JJ Brawley
San Diego Boot Camp

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