You’ve Got to Track!


If You’re Going to Train, You’ve Got to track….


Picture2Did you know…. that people who successfully manage

their weight (fat-loss or muscle-gain) keep records of their progress?

Did you know… that the world’s top athletes also keep records of their progress? It’s part of their training!

Did you know… these simple records become a huge source of inspiration?

By keeping an accurate Journal there is no fooling yourself. A Journal will allow you to develop positive lifestyle habits. You will become acutely aware of your physical and mental progress.

The Journal provides a way to monitor your progress to becoming a healthier, happier and yes, better looking… you!

The Journal consists of two easy-to-use forms…

a daily nutrition diary and an Picture3exercise tracking log.

Much of your success in my program will come from your consistent maintenance of your Journal.

It’s simple. Just enter your nutrition intake and your daily activity program. You’ll produce a daily “snapshot”of your physical progress…. leading up to your success!

Remember, the most successful people keep accurate records.

So, Let’s Get Started!

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