Practice Proper Posture

Do you remember crazy straws?  As kids my brother and I loved those straws, especially the really crazy long ones that make all sorts of loops before the juice finally reaches your lips.   But do you realize  how much harder and longer you have to work to be able to get the juice  before all that pucker pays off?

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Crazy Straws are fun, but require more work.

Good postures is like a nice, straight straw: Everything flows nice and easy.   Bad posture backs everything up, and I mean quite  literally.  Slouching and slumping lead to cramping and less dumping.  Your organs need room to function; your lungs need room to breathe; your spine needs space between each vertebrae.

So practice proper posture by standing tall, feet shoulder-width apart, so you feel sturdy.  Soften your knees, not locking or bending, but somewhere in between.   Put your pelvis in neutral so neither your gut nor your butt is protruding excessively.   Lift your ribs up and away from your hips and fan out your rib cage.   Roll your shoulders back and down, retracting your shoulder blades into a relaxed but upright position.  Imagine heavy bricks on your shoulders and that your neck is like a giraffe, long and reaching, with your head crowned and held high.

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Good Posture allows the bodies energy to flow.

Close your eyes and memorize that feeling of proper posture.  Find it again when you are standing in line at the ATM, when you sit at the table to eat,  and when you drive in your car.   Make room for yourself to live fully within your body and yoru body will return the favor!

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