Power Foods: The 10 Foods Essential to helping you Burn the Fat!

If you don’t think it’s possible to eat your way thin, think again!  If you eat the right foods, eat the right quantities and eat often enough then it certainly can happen.  All you need is a bit of education.  Here are ten of the most super powerful foods available  that have been proven to help burn fat, build lean hard muscles and increase your energy.

If you want to avoid that “front but” and rid yourself of that “pooch” once and for all then try these delicious and sometimes misrepresented foods.

  1. Eggs:  These little babies have been given a bad rap. In moderation, eggs will not raise your cholesterol level. In fact, eggs contain vitamin B12 which is a nutrient proven to break down fat, and eggs build more muscle than milk or beef.
  2. Berries:  Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, it doesn’t matter. Pick your favorite. They all contain fiber of different variety to help you feel fuller longer and calm your sweet tooth. They are also a good way to get your vitamins and antioxidants.
  3. Beans:  When I was a kid, these were a nightmare. But I’ve matured and I have a newfound love for these morsels of gold.  Beans are a low calorie food that gives you three key ingredients for losing weight: protein, fiber, and iron. One word of caution: skip the refried or baked which can have too much fat or sugar.
  4. Whole Grain:  All of the carbs you eat should be whole grain. Rice, pasta, and bread all come in a variety of whole grain selections.  Choosing these over the processed white will prevent your body from storing fat.
  5. Olive Oil:  Don’t you remember her from Popeye? She was as skinny as a walking stick! Cook with this un-saturated fat to help you control your cravings and keep your cholesterol down. You have to have the good fat in order to get rid of the bad fat.
  6. Peanut Butter: Here is your treat. Try a dollop (1 Tbsp.) on a half an apple for a mid-morning snack to keep you from feeling deprived and get you through that hardest part of the month. You know, when we all want to eat anything fried and/or drizzled in chocolate. (Make sure it is the all-natural, sugar-free kind!)
  7. Lean Meats:  Protein, protein, protein! Why is protein important? The body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs or fat, but it feels more satisfied and gives you more energy than eating fruits and vegetables alone. Turkey, chicken breasts, beef or pork loin are especially good choices. Fish is great, too. Tuna and Salmon contain Omega-3 which is another good fat to combat the bad fat.
  8. Whey Powder: More protein! This is great in a smoothie. This powder has the highest amount of protein for the fewest amounts of calories which makes it a muscle building, fat burning superstar. You can also find whey in ricotta cheese. So dish it up!
  9. Low-Fat Dairy:  We all know dairy is great for our bones but few know that it is a great addition to our diet if we are trying to lose those pesky last pounds. Calcium is said to help prevent the storing of additional fat and break down the fat already clinging to you. Two words: frozen yogurt. Mmmm!
  10. Green Veggies:  Here is an obvious one. These green monsters are packed with vitamins and nutrients and loaded with fiber. Don’t forget they have very little calories. Not a veggie lover? Spinach and other leafy greens can be easily chopped and undetected in sauces or in stir-fries.

    Try to include 2 or 3 in each of your daily meals. Won’t be long and you will notice a difference of increased energy and decreased flab. Bon Appétit!

    San Diego Peronal Trainer

    Super Foods!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post a comment.  As a matter of fact, it is through your comments that I am inspired and able to continue coming up with content for you.

    To Your Continued Success,
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