Planning healthy lunches

Grocery stores are professionals at getting you to buy junk that isn’t good for you when you’re hungry.   How? They put the most tempting, easiest things to eat right at your fingertips.   But if you want to be healthy, then  you need to do the same thing when you’re planning healthy lunches.

Planning a healthy lunch

Planing your lunches is key to your success.

You need to put the best stuff on top, not the junk, but the stuff that is best for your health. If the Doritos are the first thing your fingers touch, they will be the first thing in your mouth.  Set your lunch sack up like a grocery store sets up their aisles only put the apples and oranges in the checkout lane and the carrots in the candy aisle.

Play your lunch in layers that load your body with goodness, not junk. Use whole grain tortillas and breads, putting wholesome meats, beans and veggies in the middle. Plan healthy lunches that delight your senses and fill your belly. It’s just one more way to take care of you first.

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