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Stretching at the office can relieve stress

Stretching at the office can relieve stress

Have you ever noticed how your body seems to tense up after sitting for long hours behind our desk? A little office fitness stretching will go a long way toward relaxing your mind and your body.  Here are a few desk stretches you can do to help you stay focused and productive.

  • ·Reach for your toes. Roll your chair back and lean forward, sliding your hands down your legs until you feel a very gentle stretch in your spine and the backs of your legs.  Hold for 30 seconds and repeat several times during the course of your day.
  • ·Reach up and to the sides. A good office stretch for your whole upper body is to interlace your fingers and reach overhead, lean to each side and then round your back and reach forward, aiming your chin for your chest. Hold each posture for at least 30 seconds each.
  • ·Perform a chest stretch while you sit at your desk. Reach behind you and overlap your hands on your lower back. Keep your hands against your body as you pull your elbows back and lift your chin slightly. If you have more flexibility in your shoulders you might be able to lift your hands away and straighten your arms.  Again, hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds.

Keep all these office stretches very light. Go for the “ooh” factor and not the “ow!” Take some deep breaths and close your eyes while you do them. Now who says they don’t have time for exercise?

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