Obstacles, Babies, The Beginning and the end…

superheroHey there my Super Rock Star Friend!

OK…so I know your probably thinking WTF – what’s with that super duper greeting? But I have lots of reasons to be excited so please read on…..

Now I am certain you are already aware I’ve been offering a free fitness class open to the public just about every Saturday morning for about four years now.

And as much fun as I have had by offering this class on Saturday mornings it’s time as a free service is about to come to an end and so I wanted to explain…..

For the last few years I have offered up this class as a free service open to the community as well as being a charitable function for helping out local non-profits raise funds for a variety of very worthy causes. Over the last few years I have helped several organizations including a local battered women’s shelter, Mamma’s Kitchen, Father Joe Carol, and even a friend whose home caught fire all to raise money, food and or goods for their cause..

And as rewarding and self-gratifying as it has been to be able to help these charitable functions with their needs, the truth of the matter is my own life is taking a very serious turn here in a just a few more short months.

271426_10150213073041016_586561015_7618441_7467111_oYou see, my wife and I are expecting our first child!!!!

Yep, that’s right….I am going to be a Daddy! (If you have been following my facebook status updates then I am certain you are already aware of this.)

Sometime between November 20th & 28th 2011 we will be expecting a baby girl….her name will be Roxanna Lauren Brawley.

And yes….I am very excited.


So as you can imagine….I am gearing up for some fantastic adventures.

So the deal is this….

This coming up Saturday August 13th at 9am is going to be the last “totally free” class that I offer. (At least for a while).

After this weekend non-members of my boot camp fitness program will have to pay a drop in rate to participate in my “weekend program.” (Please note: first time Saturday Class will always remain free as well as my 1 week free trial for first timers).

So as a sort of celebration this weekend I will be offering my infamous “Obstacle Course” workout that everyone just raves about.

Now I should also mention that I get a lot of people who are brand new to fitness who come out to these workouts just to “test drive” my program and of course that is fine, but I also just want to tell you that if you have any fears about being able to “keep up with the group” you can just toss those to the side. Because my training method is based off of timed exercises; which means we do most exercises at 1 minute intervals.

This way the more athletic people who are putting out a maximal effort aren’t leaving behind the newbies who are also putting out a maximal effort. So whether your max effort is 8 Reps, or 80 Reps, it just does not matter…you get to work at your OWN pace and everyone starts and finishes together!.

So I hope to see this Saturday at 9:00am in Bird Park (Corner of 28th & Thorn) for my last FREE workout!

Now, if you have any questions, feel free to email me. Or better yet…call me up on my cell phone.

You can even text me. (619) 800-3480 JJfixed1

I hope to see you this weekend!

Committed to your fitness success!


JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.

San Diego Personal Trainer

PS: Be sure to ask me about my new 28 Day Flat Belly Program! The program includes 28 days (4 weeks) of unlimited training sessions, a fat loss meal plan, and copies of three of my books, "Fat Chance", "Ultimate Abs" and "Weight Loss Secrets Reveled" All of this PLUS unlimited coaching for 21 days for just $97.

PSS: I am also looking to take my boot camp “on the road,” sort of speak… So if you have a work place, social group, club or facility that might like to have me bring the workout to them…please let me know!  I am currently looking to expand my business and would love to bring the workout magic to you!


Oh….I am certain you will have comments or questions about this blog post…so PLEASE…leave them below!

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