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“If You’re Looking For A Way To Lose Weight, Tone Up And Get Into Awesome Shape In The Shortest Time Possible Then The 24 Day Challenge Is For You!”

Read On To Find Out How This World Class Nutrition Program Can Benefit You…

Dear Friend,

My name is JJ Brawley and I’m betting that like most people you desire to have a physique that you can be proud of but the idea of setting foot in a gym is either frightening or just not possible with your busy schedule. Well I have a solution for you that is simple to follow, easy to maintain and best of all proven to work! But please don’t take my word on blind faith.




The Advocare 24 Day Challenge features a simple nutrition & supplementation plan for individuals who want to see impacted results in their fitness routine in the shortest time possible. Backed by world class Advocare products and designed by a registered dietician and an elite personal trainer, the program features an iron clad guarantee to all participants.

They incorporate a “Zig-Zag” method of eating into your nutrition as well as help you find the “right” supplements to help you fill any gaps you may have in your daily nutrition.

You will be surprised to learn that your body actually needs MORE calories on certain days to help you avoid a fat loss plateau!

In my years in the fitness industry I have seen a lot of things go on that left me feeling a little less than proud to be a fitness professional, so to get me to back another trainer, product or service takes something truly amazing, and let me tell you… This program is “AMAZING.”

Whether you train with me at my boot camp, take private sessions,, train on your own or with another trainer this nutrition program is sure to help you maximize your fat loss results and get you some truly AWESOME results!

This is NOT just another diet program!  I’m personally sick of those and I hope that you are tired of dieting as well!  This is a simple eating “plan” backed with a simple “supplementation” program.  The eating plan itself is an extremely simple step-by-step program for those on-the-go and those who don’t have time for complicated recipes.  In fact, the one overwhelming response I have been hearing from those who have taken this challenge is “WOW! Can I do that again?”

So I would like to invite you to our next FREE 24 Day Challenge Nutrition Workshop on

TUESDAY April2nd @ 7:00pm

Now I have to let you know, I can only fit a maximum of 25 people in my fitness studio, so if you want to attend I need you to RSVP by calling me or texting me right away at (619) 800-3480


Committed to Your Fitness Success!

JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.

San Diego’s Top Fitness and Weight Loss Coach

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