Introducing “Body Basic!”

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I hope that all is well.

I’m really excited because I’ve been really busy lately working on the development of a couple of new fitness programs….which are now ready to be unveiled and now I an posting here on my BLOG about this,

After reading this post, I am hoping that maybe you could help me spread the word by forwarding this in an email or sharing on your social networking site so that anyone that you know that could benefit from the services of a personal trainer will hear about this.

The thing is  people are always asking me about how much I charge for personal training, and for a lot of people in this economy having the luxury of hiring a trainer is just not possible.

When the economy was doing well I had no trouble what so ever getting new clients to sign up for custom tailored private training programs  and I am certain that when the economy turns around again that won’t be an issue anymore.

But since the economy has pretty much been in the can for a while now I’ve been forced to restructure my business.

So I am now offering up several “Group” Personal Training Programs which allows for more people to be able to afford the luxury of having their very own personal trainer and get some AMAZING results.

After speaking with many of my personal trainer friends in the business we have all agreed that training clients in a small group is a great way to experience the results that you can only get when you train with a qualified professional for a very affordable rate.

So after much discussion and a lot of labor I have FINALLY developed a new program I am calling, “BODY BASIC.”

Body basic is a very simple program that involves the use of the body’s own weight and a simple set of dumbbells.

Whether  the clients goal is tone up, gain muscle or lose a few pounds(or even quite a few) my new program is sure to get the job done in a very fun yet challenging way.

The new program is going to start up on Monday July 5th and will be a short but intense 45 minute session held every Monday and Wednesday night there after.

We’ll be meeting on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:45pm and I have a 3rd one hour workout option on Fridays at 5:30m or on Saturdays at 9:15am if desired.

Now here is where this gets really good.  You see the initial program is going to be an eight week program and as such the entire “pilot” program will run just $150

Seriously… That’s the TOTAL…not per session…the TOTAL

So can you see why I am so excited?  This new program is going to allow me to do what I do best….train people…at a very affordable rate.

And in case you did not know… for a one hour PRIVATE session my rates range between $50 – $90 depending on the number of sessions per week, the persons goals and length of the program.  This usually means that a custom tailored program will range from around $400 a month up to $1500 a month.

This new program has taken me months of pain staken research and development so I am just really excited to be launching this.

I don’t have a web site for this new program just yet, (but I am working on it) , but if you or someone you know is interested in learning more about my new program then they should call me.

My office is


Or send me an email


And I do appreciate it when you forward my emails to your friends and make comments on my blog

To Your Continued Success

JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.
San Diego Personal Trainer

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