Human Billboards

See How Easily You Can Refer A BOATLOAD Of New Clients To Fit Body Boot Camp




Dear Rock Star Human Billboard,


Congratulations on getting in with Fit Body Boot Camp on such an amazing opportunity!


The fact that you have been given access to SoCal’s #1 Award-Winning Fitness Boot Camp may change your life forever. Our workouts are proven to trim you down & tone you up practically overnight, without wasting any time.


And you’re getting all these amazing benefits at an extreme discount under ONE HUGE CONDITION…

…to refer at least 1 sign-up per month.



And yes, this may seem daunting, but I want to reassure you that literally anyone can bring in new clients. If you think hard about who’s in your circle of influence, or who you have influence over – you can easily come up with tons of people who’d love our boot camp. And it’s no coincidence that YOU are in our Human Billboard program. We don’t just randomly pick our Human Billboards. We carefully hand-picked YOU because we fully believe that YOU will get the job done.


This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re a business owner, maybe you’re a hair stylist, or maybe you’re just a one-percenter who gets things done. Whatever the reason is that we accepted you, it’s going to be essential to maintain a winning mindset. You’re going to come across some obstacles in referring people, and it may not all be pretty – but if you stay strong and use our coaching you can eeeeasily get Free Boot Camp for LIFE.


Where everyone else is good, You…my friend, You are great.







Here are some powerful referral tools:


January Fit Body Boot Camp Flyer (right-click to ‘save-as’)



Craigslist/Facebook Ad#1 (right-click to ‘save-as’)

Internet Ad #1


Craigslist/Facebook Ad#2 (right-click to ‘save-as’)

Internet Ad#2



Craigslist/Facebook Ad#3 (right-click to ‘save-as’)

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Craigslist/Facebook Ad#5 (right-click to ‘save-as’)

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Craigslist/Facebook Ad#6 (right-click to ‘save-as’)

Internet Ad#6




And don’t forget that if you ever need help in referring people into bootcamp, email me personally at or just call me on my cellphone (562) 413-6325. I want you to be successful at this so it’s a TOTAL WIN-WIN.



Again, to get free coaching on referrring people – email me on and tell me how things are going and where you need help.