How to make fear your little b!tch!


“It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, ‘Always do what you are afraid to do.’”–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello my fellow beautiful human beings!

Today looks to be a glorious day as it will be all about conquering your fears!

Ralph_Waldo_Emerson-2This will be made possible thanks to the quote above, provided by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and none other than yours truly.

Whether you fear spiders (arachnophobia), the sun (heliophobia, homosexuality (homophobia), long words (Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia), France (francophobia), or whatever else that is out there to fear, rest assured it can be conquered.

First on your fear vanquishing agenda is to locate a trustworthy buddy, he/she is going to be your support.

I say “trustworthy” because you’re about to go headlong in to what scares you most and when you’re on the floor in the fetal position trying to find your happy place, you do not want your “friend” recording every moment to later be posted on (I speak out of experience).

Secondly, isolate your fear.

Figure out exactly what it is you are fearful of.

Let’s just say you’re deathly afraid of heights (acrophobia).

In fact you’re so afraid of vertically raised situations that you’re beginning to sweat when you pull yourself up to sit on a bar stool.

Thirdly, take baby steps (don’t forget to bring that trustworthy buddy).

So we already established that you’re up to your eyeballs in acrophobia.

Start small, you can do this, climb a step ladder until you feel comfortable with idea of being three feet off the ground.

imageIf you did that, advance to a regular ladder.

Once you’ve gained confidence in that, try a nice flight of stairs.

Keep pushing yourself in this manner until you have crushed your fear!

Your fears can be controlling and can deter you from some very exciting experiences in life.

You need to shove fear out of the way and put yourself at the helm of your life.

(By the way Ralph Waldo Emerson is a revered American philosopher, poet, and writer.

He is best known for leading the Transcendentalist movement during the early to mid 19th century.)

You can conquer your fear(s) IF you’re willing to take a few baby steps!

Just remember this – The only thing you truly have to fear, is FEAR itself!






Committed to your Success!









JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.



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