How to avoid plateaus in your runs

Jogging can be a great form of exercise as it is simple to do and can be both relaxing and invigorating.  But if you’re goal is lose weight, step up your fitness level or improve your cardiovascular health then you are going to want to add some hills and maybe even some stairs into your routine to help you get those results faster and more effectively..

Without the challenge of hills or stairs in your run it is very likely that your run will become very boring and

Hill Running

Hill running is a challenging way to help break a plateau

monotonous and if you are bored, your body is probably also bored, which is a sure fire way to create a plateau.    Jogging is a very popular form of exercise because it is cheap, requires little more equipment than a pair of good shoes and can be done just about anywhere.  The one set back to jogging is that improvement in fitness or fat loss levels requires either jogging for longer and longer periods of time or pushing yourself to up the pace.

If you’re like most typical busy Americans then the option of running for more hours a day is not likely something you have time for and picking up the pace isn’t as easy as it sounds, so here are a few tips to help keep you from hitting that plateau without increasing the amount of time you spend with each run.

1.)  Stop running the same route all the time! Explore new neighborhoods and parts of town that have new hills, longer hills, steeper hills or maybe some stairs to challenge you.  I recommend using the web site to find or to plan new and exciting runs in your area.

2.)  Bring a friend and challenge them to short races 1 block at a time.  Walk a block, then race to the next corner as fast as you can.  Do this for twenty blocks and try it at least once a week and even if one of you is faster than the other the challenge of the race will help motivate you to push yourself and soon you will find that both of you get faster and improve.

3.)  Incorporate stairs into your run.  Run the stair wells in your office building, local park, stadium or convention center.  Running up stairs will also help you to build stronger gluts and thighs and will also help to build your endurance.  Just be careful on the descent.  Falling is bad!

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