Full Moon Hikes! (FREE EVENT!)

If you like hiking then you are going to love my Full Moon Hikes!
Grab your hiking boots, a flash light and a bottle of water!

Full Moon

Please: No Werewolves!

Every full moon I take my clients, friends and family to Cowell’s Mountain and I woudl love it if you woudl come too!

This is an open invite to you, your family and friends!
We will meet at the base of the mountain at about 8:00pm and start our hike shortly there after
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me and or call me.

This is the full moon calendar for the remainder of the year.

Full Moon dates 2010
Year Month Day Time Day of week
2010 Jan 30 06:19 Sat
2010 Feb 28 16:40 Sun
2010 Mar 30 02:28 Tue
2010 Apr 28 12:21 Wed
2010 May 27 23:09 Thu
2010 Jun 26 11:32 Sat
2010 Jul 26 01:38 Mon
2010 Aug 24 17:06 Tue
2010 Sep 23 09:19 Thu
2010 Oct 23 01:38 Sat
2010 Nov 21 17:28 Sun
2010 Dec 21 08:15 Tue

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