La Mesa Fitness Boot Camp Owner Reaches out to local kids

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La Mesa Fitness Boot Camp Owner Reaches Out To La Mesa Kids This Halloween with Both Tricks and Treats

JJ Brawley, the owner of La Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp, invites local kids to pick up some Healthy Halloween treats and learn some tricks to healthy living.

JJ Brawley, personal trainer and owner of the new La Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp, believes in making fitness effective but also fun. A few weeks ago, he opened up his facility to the community, inviting them to help celebrate his birthday with a Sock Hop & Pajama Party that benefited local homeless kids. Now he’s reaching out to local kids with a Halloween event.

La Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp isn’t just about getting great abs or losing body fat,” says Brawley. “We take a whole-life approach to our clients. We help them with choosing a healthy diet, making smart choices and managing stress. We also try to help them be great role models of fitness to their kids.”

This Halloween, Brawley is hoping to build on that idea by inviting parents from the community to bring their kids to La Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp for some Halloween treats and a fun introduction to health & fitness.

“Being healthy and fit isn’t about doing without all of the fun foods and treats,” explains Brawley. “It’s about balance. It’s about doing great things for your body most of the time so that you can enjoy great food and even Halloween candy without ruining your health.”

Brawley, like many fitness professionals, is worried about the health of America’s children.

“Childhood obesity is reaching epidemic numbers,” says Brawley. “More and more kids are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This is because they’re eating a lot of processed foods and sugar and getting very little exercise. Kids are instead sitting at their computers or in front of the TV all day playing video games and to top it off they’re eating unhealthy processed foods.”

Brawley’s intention for the Halloween event isn’t to “spook” kids with dire talk about the consequences of poor nutrition and exercise habits. Rather, he wants to help them see that fitness can be fun.

“We’re not going to be giving anyone any lectures,” laughs Brawley. “It’s Halloween. Halloween is supposed to be fun. We’re going to be passing out lots of healthy treats to the kids and we may have a few treats in store for parents who come by too. We’re also going to let everyone see what Fit Body Boot Camp is like and all the cool stuff we use in our workouts to make them fun.”

Brawley says that everyone is welcome to the Halloween event, not just members, but the whole La Mesa Community and he looks forward to meeting lots of La Mesa residents and their kids.

The event will be held from 5:00pm to 8:30pm on Halloween night, at La Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp, 8322 Parkway Drive, La Mesa, CA.


Parents can get more information by visiting the La Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp website or contacting Brawley at or by calling 619-800-3480.

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