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Try Walking to work, or walking on your lunch break.

When your life gets busy you probably find that it’s hard to fit in fitness. You probably find it difficult to remember to just do some sit-ups before bed, let alone an entire 30 -minute workout. So here are a few ways that you can fit in fitness with your busy schedule, starting with finding the time for me as your trainer and ending with some little routine fitness tricks.

First of all, I can design a workout to fit any schedule. If you only have time in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, we can work with that.  If you work 16 hours a day and need ideas to keep your energy up all day, we can work with that.  If you’re a stay at home mom and can’t get away from the kids, we can work with that. I can put together something for you to do at home, at the gym, or at your local track.  It doesn’t matter where you are, we can work with that! Yes, I am that good!

I can also teach you some routine and simple fitness tricks. By this I mean fitness that you can fit into your daily routine. For example, what if you did calf raises while brushing your teeth, bicep curls and squats while swishing with Listerine and a V-sit while flossing? The busier you are, the more creative I can get, and once fitness becomes a habit, then your whole lifestyle will explode … in a good way!

I don’t want you to fit in fitness just because you’re supposed to, just because the Surgeon General says to, or just so you can look good in a swimsuit. I want you to get into great shape so that you feel strong enough to bike and hike on your next vacation, so that you can roll on the floor with your favorite kiddos, and so that you are running instead of rocking when you’re 80 years-old!

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a life sentence!  You CAN fit it in!  We may just need to get creative.  Contact me today and I can help you formulate a plan to make this a reality.

So here are a few more tips to help fit in fitness while on the go:

take the stairs to work

Try taking the stairs instead of the escalator

  • When you go shopping, park at the far end of the lot.  The extra few steps of walking will burn a few extra calories and you will also find that because not very many people park at the back of the lot, you will often be in and out of the shopping center faster than parking up close to your destination.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Needless to say, walking up stairs is of far greater benefit than taking an elevator and your heart will thank you later!
  • Walk and Talk! – If you have a phone call to make and don’t absolutely need to be tied to a desk while doing so, grab the cordless or cell phone and walk about while you are on the phone.
  • Take a business meeting to the road.  You can walk, or ride a bike while discussing business and your business partners will appreciate the time saver.
  • Do push-ups and or bench dips at your desk.  Taking a short break from time to time to do a few exercises will actually help boost your energy levels and when you sit back down to get back to work you will find that you can focus a little better.
  • Play a video game!  No seriously, some of the newer video consoles are loaded with super fun and very active video games, including but not limited to: Yoga, Boxing, Martial Arts, Bowling, Tennis, and Dancing.  Games are becoming the hot new ticket to getting in shape at home and heck….they may just put me out of business!

Need more ideas?  Have comments or questions?  Please feel free to post them below!

To Your Continued Success,

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