F.A.Q. about my boot camp.

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my boot camp, so I have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call me or send me an email.

Q. What is a “Boot Camp”?
A. Boot Camp is actually in my opinion a really BAD marketing catch all phrase that essentially translates to “High Intensity Workouts.” High intensity workouts have been scientifically proven to burn more body fat and to get people into shape faster than their counterparts, “low intensity steady state aerobic exercise.” Which makes boot camp workouts both fun and challenging at the same time. Boot Camps have become one of the hottest trends in fitness in the last few years because of this.

Q. Are you going to yell at me or shout insults at me while I workout?
A. Although at some boot camps the instructor may shout insults like Sgt. Hartman from the movie full metal jacket, this would be the last thing you will find me doing at this boot camp. For one, I believe in the commission of the three P’s: Proper nutrition, Productive Exercise and Positive encouragement. I promise that I will never yell at you or shout insults. My goal is to help each and every one of my clients get into the best shape possible through a combination of a supportive team atmosphere, compassion and fun exercise. Think of it this way….Do you think people would keep coming back to my program 3 times a week month after month if I treated them badly or if they didn’t enjoy the workouts and get results? NOPE….They wouldn’t!

Q. What sort of equipment and exercises do you do at the boot camp?

A. The main piece of equipment we use is YOU! I believe in using what was put here on earth for us to use naturally…Gravity and our bodies! So we do a lot of the classic exercises that you may already be familiar with such as; Squats, lunges, pushups, sit-ups, sprints and jumping jacks, and then I combine these with more modern and fun exercises such as skips, grasshoppers, balance and core integration moves, killers, coordination moves and agility techniques as well as games such as tag, hot spot, tug-o-war, sack races, chasm jump, heavy pants, super stars and you call the shots. But don’t get me wrong, sometimes we do use actual equipment. We’ve been known to use jump ropes, light weights, kettle bells, ladders, tires, cones, hurdles, buckets, medicine balls, elastic bands and sand bags.

Q. Your web site says you’re an indoor and outdoor boot camp, can you please explain this?

A. Our week day classes are all indoors with the exception of Fridays at 6:30p.m. This class meets at our HQ and we run to the park and do our work out there, then we run back to the HQ. Saturdays is always an outdoor workout. I also organize a month hike at Cowell’s Mountain and sometimes other places around the city such as Iron Mountain and Black Mountain. I also sometimes have .night walks in Balboa Park or Mission Bay Park.

Q. Do you have a fitness studio, gym or office that I can check out or meet you at before I sign up?
A. Our sessions are held at a shared facility. I sublease space from a place called the Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center. They are typically only open at night and on the weekends. I use the space when they are not open so there is not really anything to see there when I’m not instructing a session. I would be happy to meet with you in person if you either email or call me to set up an appointment.

Q. Do you offer consultation or nutrition advice?

A. Yes, I offer a FREE no cost no obligation fitness and nutrition consultation. As a matter of fact, if you email me right now and request it, I will send you a copy of my ebook “Weight Loss Secrets Reveled” along with a coupon valued at over $200 in my personal services. But you have to act fast because this offer expires on January 31st.

Q. How much is your boot camp?

A. I offer several program options that range from $13 a session up to $30 a session. For more information on my programs, please visit my web site at www.innercitybootcamp.com or call me at 888-318-5632.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee?

A. YES Absolutely! I am very confident in my program and as such I offer a money back guarantee! It’s quite simple…Attend my boot camp for 30 days/four weeks and if you don’t see results…I will give you your money back. Try finding another boot camp or personal trainer in San Diego that is THAT confident in their program!

Q. Do you offer a free trial?
A. Yes and no. I offer a free workout every Saturday at 10am that is open to the public. It is a charity and I do ask for donations, but making a donation is not a requirement for attendance. I have several boot campers who only come on Saturday’s, some of them make a weekly donation some do not. I also offer a weekend warrior pass and several of my boot campers prefer this. You can purchase a weekend warrior pass on my web site or make donations each time you come. Either way I donate the money raised from my Saturday boot camp to Mama’s Kitchen, a local soup kitchen that delivers food to those living with HIV/AIDS or Cancer. I do not however offer a “free” pass to my regular four week program. What I offer instead is a “Risk Free Trial” which I also refer to as my “Satisfaction Guarantee.” If after attending the first two weeks of my program (6 sessions) you decided that my program is just NOT what you are looking for, I will refund your money.

Q. Can I start anytime I wish?
A. Unfortunately not and this is because each four week block of my program starts with a fitness assessment and body composition analysis. Each four weeks we take the group through a progression and it just would not be fair to have you start late as you would miss out on some of the essential basic training in the beginning of the program.

Q. Do you have a late start program?
A. Yes, I am currently offering a 21 Day Rapid Results Program complete with a 21 day meal plan. This three week program starts this coming Monday January 11th and is just $97. To get in on this program you will have to call me. I will be in my office on Sunday from 2pm until 5pm.

My office number is
I look forward to hearing from you and or meeting you soon!

To Your Continued Success

JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.

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Inner City Boot Camp Program Coordinator
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