Exercise under Your Desk at Work

My clients are always asking for ideas that will help them save time, get more activity into their lives and help them lose weight all at the same time.  So today’s post is all about getting in some fitness while at work.

Exercise at your desk

Exercising at your desk

When you sit still for long periods of time, your metabolism gets sluggish.  If you’re a desk jockey or drive for a living then you know what I mean.  Instead of reaching for the coffee pot when this happens I recommend taking breaks at regular intervals.  Get up and move around for a few minutes from time to time, then get back to work.  The movement will help you sit and focus better after and you will experience less drowsy time during the day.  But, If you have an office job, you might get some strange looks if you’re taking laps around the cubicles.

So here are three ways you can exercise under your desk.

1. When your fanny starts to feel all flat and worn from all that sitting, you can tighten and release your gluteal muscles.   Alternate sides or have some fun and create a rhythm. No one will know why

Exercise at work

Getting some exercise at work is easier than you think!

you’re smiling so much on the job!

2. Do some leg extensions by stretching one leg out in front of you and then the other. Keep your knees together to activate your inner thighs along with your quadriceps.  Try lifting both legs at the same time or holding for a count of 20-30seconds. Remember to keep your abs tight

3. Place a stack of books on your lap and do some calf raises, lifting your heels off the floor until you are up on your tip-toes. Lower your heels slowly back to the ground.  Then add a toe-lift to strengthen your shins.

Office workout options are endless. These are some of the easiest ways to exercise under your desk and keep your blood moving (and your job!). Do each one 10 to 12 times, and perform several sets a day if you want to really make a difference.

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