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Weightlifters have all kinds of funky terminology for what basically boils down to shoving weights around and lifting them up and down. I mean  they have names for EVERYTHING!   Take the “drop-set” for example.   No this isn’t where you drop a weight on your foot to try and get out of exercising!

Doing a drop-set allows you to start with a heavier weight that you know won’t last for the whole set.  Let’s say you know you can crank out 15 reps of 50-pounds, piece of cake!  You would then start your  drop-set with 70-pounds, doing that for as many reps – let’s say 10 – as you can, and then immediately lowering your weight to 50-pounds and finishing the set – so, five more.

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Doing drop-sets is a great way to break out of a rut and build fast strength without injuring yourself.   You simply stick with the same routine and the same exercises you’ve been performing, but you change the weights within the set.   The only downside to drop-sets is they are best done on machines; it’s harder to do on free weights unless you stick to dumbbells or have a good spotter.

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