Do you want the “Ultimate Secret to faster Weight Loss?”

Ever wonder why training with a group helps you lose weight faster?

Many activities are more fun—and effective—if you do them with others. Basketball, Volley Ball, Soccer, Chess, Bowling! OK, maybe those last two are not really so much sports as they are activities, but you get the idea. These activities are all that much more exciting when you’re not doing them alone!

Same goes for losing weight. It seems like a solitary activity to go out and chip away at the pounds with exercise and self-discipline, but exercising as a group may actually help you decrease your body fat at a much faster rate!

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, researchers in the Netherlands recruited a small group of obese adults and asked half to increase their physical activity on their own, while the other half were enrolled in a twice-weekly, two-hour group exercise class. After four months, those that participated in group exercise lost 17.6 lbs while those that lost weight on their own shed an average of just 6.2 lbs.

This study comes as no surprise to me and it’s not just because of the accountability factor, but also because of the camaraderie that you get when you workout with friends. And frankly, my boot campers just say that it’s a lot more fun to exercise with buddies than to sweat through a workout alone.

This new study proves it! Group exercise just gets you better results!

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