Dieting Alone Doesn’t Make the Cut

Have you tried losing weight by dieting alone?  Frustrating isn’t it?  Exercise is a vital part of the weight loss formula and is proven to increase your metabolism all day long.

Dieting alone could never do that.  Of course the marketers of all of those commercial diet programs will try to convince you otherwise.

Your body weight is actually irrelevant!

Your body weight is actually irrelevant!

In the fitness environment there are no quick fixes, no magic pills, and no outrageous claims.  Just simply the TRUTH based on human physiology.

One of the most important things to understand about “weight management” is the difference between “weight loss” and “fat loss.”  Believe it or not, your actual weight on the scale is irrelevant!  The true indicator of body weight management is body composition.  That’s the ratio between your percentage of lean body mass and body fat.

Body composition is used by athletes, coaches and fitness professionals as a true indicator for weight management, athletic performance and over all fitness and health.

Body Compostion is the TRUE indicator of helath!

Body Compostion is the TRUE indicator of helath!

This difference is very important.

The truth is, the human body does not understand the concept of “dieting.”  What your body correctly perceives when you go on a restricted low calorie diet is “starvation.”  When you put your body on a conventional restricted calorie diet, you may lose a few pounds in the first few days or even in the first few weeks, but this weight loss is not “fat loss.”  The weight loss is mostly from lean body mass.  This loss of healthy tissue is harmful.  It slows the metabolism, creates hormonal imbalances and compromises the immune system.

Another interesting fact…

Fat is stored energy.  In a sense, it’s your bodies reserve fuel tank.  However, when your body runs out of fuel on a conventional low calorie diet your body does not tap into its precious fat stores, instead your body quickly and efficiently converts healthy lean body mass into carbohydrates for its immediate energy requirements.  This is why restricted calorie dieting is so dangerous.  Without enough fuel, your body will feed upon itself!

Next, fat requires oxygen to be burned and the quickest way to get oxygen into the body is through EXERCISE!

This is where I can help provide guidance in maximizing your bodies’ potential for burning fat.  I understand that weight management is not a “One size fits all” proposition.  Personalization is KEY to your success!  I understand that everyone is different and that each individual is genetically different, and that everyone has individual lifestyles, as well as individual food preferences.  When designing a fitness and weight loss program for each person I take all of these things into consideration as well as your personal calorie requirements activity level, abilities and of course your long term goals.

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