Dead President’s Exercise Advice

"Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning." ~ Thomas Jefferson

clip_image001Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States of America. In addition to being a politician, he was also an advocate for exercise and recreation. You might even say he was one of the first Personal Trainers!  You can learn a lot from taking his advice to heart. The fact that he advocated exercise over education, and being that he was the founder of the University of Virginia, is quite surprising and shows the significant value he saw in exercise.

Exercise and Health

The health benefits of exercise are well studied and cover a wide range of health related improvements. These health benefits include:

  • – Exercise boosts your stamina
  • – Exercise can prevent health related conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease
  • – Exercise boosts your overall mood
  • – Exercise will improve your overall energy levels
  • – Exercise will help you get a more restful night of sleep

Exercise and Stamina

Exercise directly improves your overall stamina. If you go out for a run, your body will respond by producing more red blood cells and improving your blood volume. Your muscles will also respond and be able to utilize more oxygen for energy. In short, your body responds to exercise by making improvements that make it easier the next time around. Overall, this will not only improve your stamina for exercise but when performing other everyday tasks as well.


Exercise and Health Conditions

Keeping your weight balanced and keeping your body active will reduce your risk of many health related diseases. The exact science behind it is pretty complicated; however, the reduction in body fat reduces the overall stress load on your body which makes everything healthier.

Exercise and Mood

In addition to physical health, exercise improves your mental health as well. When you exercise, your body releases certain chemicals that improve your mood. Furthermore, improvements in how you look can have a profound impact on self esteem and completing certain accomplishments in exercise can improve your confidence.

Exercise and Energy Levels

Since exercise boosts your stamina and add that with any weight you lose from exercise, you will have a higher amount of energy available to you for the rest of the day. You’ll spend less energy performing day to day tasks leaving you feeling more energetic throughout the day.

Exercise and Sleep
While exercise will leave you feeling more energetic throughout the day, it will also help you get to sleep better at night. When you exercise, your body must undergo repair to restore itself to new, higher levels. The repair process occurs at night while you sleep. If you need more repair than normal, your body will put itself in a deeper sleep so that these repairs can be made.

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