Breathing Exercises that Improve Lung Capacity

Lance Armstrong is well known for his many Tour de France bicycle race victories, but did you know that he also holds the record for human lung capacity? That means he can suck in more O2 than anyone else in the world – at least that we know of.   His trainer didn’t just have him riding his bike all the time.   Lance Armstrong did breathing exercises.

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Breathing Exercises is how Lance became a champ!

According to his autobiography, one of the ways he exercised his lungs was by using a counting pattern.  Do what he did: Breathe in for a slow count of three, then breathe out for a slow count of four. Then breathe in for four counts and out for five counts…. In for five, out for six … Work your way up to 10 and tap your finger to keep time.   The concept is simple: When your lungs are starving for oxygen, your lungs will stretch.

Another breathing exercise from yoga is called the “Bellows Breath.” Pretend to pump your lungs like a set of bellows. Take five or six quick but deep breaths, followed by one long, slow breath. Do several cycles. Breathe quick and then breathe slow. According to Yoga, controlling your breath leads to control of the mind and body.

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Breathing exercising from Yoga can improve your cardiovascular abilities

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