Be the Hare, Not the Tortoise!

So I just got finished reading a study that was done in the Netherlands and it just made me laugh.   As usual, they left important pieces of information out of the final write up of the study.    I am sure you have heard the old saying: “Slow and steady wins the race.” Well this is true…if you are a cartoon character with a shell on your back VS the faster rabbit with ADD! But seriously…If the rabbit had any sort of focus he would have won the race….Right? For most of us in the real world; we just don’t have the sort of time on our hands to make “slow and steady” a reality. So we need to be the Hare not the Tortoise!

Which would you rather be, the tortoise or the hare?

Which would you rather be, the tortoise or the hare?

While it is very likely that long duration steady state cardio will burn more calories, at least in the long run….we live in the real world and need to focus on short bursts of high intensity exercise to make a real difference in our fat loss goals when compared to our busy schedules and the bottom line..Boost our metabolisms.

So those researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands concluded that people who engage in moderate physical activity, such as walking and biking, had the highest overall physical activity levels.

Their study of 30 men and women over a two-week period also revealed that those who exercised vigorously for short periods of time compensated for that activity by spending a greater part of their day being sedentary.

So the point here is that vigorous exercise definitely burns more calories, but the moderate exercisers tended to be more active overall.

A reasonable conclusion to this study if you ask me, but the truth be told, most of us are desk jockey’s in today’s world so we MUST compensate for the lack of daily movement with short burst of high intensity exercise. As human beings in the modern world, all it takes is a bit of focus and that tortoise will be left in the dust!

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