Avoiding the 7/10 Trap

Have you heard the story of A.J. Muste who stood outside the White House holding a single lit candle throughout the Vietnam War?  Night after night, often times in the rain, he stood there with his candle.  Then one night, a reporter came to him and asked, ‘do you really think you are going to change the world or the policies of this government by standing there holding a candle?”


Are you ready for greatness?

He responded, “I do not do this to change the world, I do this so the world does not change me.”

Have you ever noticed how people become so bitter at the end of their career?  You enter your career full of enthusiasm but suffer a few unfair setbacks, and then the world changes you.

You become the ordeal and eventually that becomes your fabric.  The fact of the matter is that research studies find that seven out of ten people are angry all day long.

Were they born this way?

If we do not stay aware of this issue, this happens to all of us, or at least seven out of ten of us.

How does this happen?

A study was posted in the Wall Street Journal that said the number one factor is the baits of our friends.

If they are healthy we become healthy.

We become what we are surrounded with.

The reverse has is also true.  If we are surrounded by negative energies then we become negative.

We’ve all been there.  We are perfectly calm and we get in out car, get on the freeway and then it begins.  Someone cuts us off, drives to slow or to fast and then suddenly we are upset angry and stressed out.

Also, who hasn’t come across the judgmental jerk at work?

They have many opinions about others, which occupy their day, and they love to share them.

What keeps us from becoming as angry as them and falling into the trap of the seven out of ten?  It is a trap that allows dark and negative energies to have an advantage over us.

Wake up and make a statement; “I am going to look for, and only for, one new thing to be thankful for today and I am going to look for something admirable in one person.

Today I am going to be happy!

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