Are Microwaves Safe?

I’ve got a friend who absolutely refuses to use a microwave and swears up and down that using one will put radiation and dangerous free radicals into his body.   His is just so adamant about this that I decided to do some research and write to you today a little about this topic.

Microwaves are fast and convienient, but are they safe?

Microwaves are fast and convenient, but are they safe?

So here is the deal.  Microwaves have become such a fixture in most modern homes that we forget they were invented just a few decades ago. You might love how they save time and energy by heating beverages and food faster than conventional ovens and stoves. But are microwaves really healthy for you?

Some say microwave food is good because unwanted bacteria are killed quickly and efficiently. However more evidence is showing that microwaving food is bad for the same reason: it kills off healthy things, too.

In 1992 “Search for Health” published the findings of Swiss researchers, Blanc and Hertel, who spent two months examining blood samples from eight people after they ate microwaved food.  They discovered that ingesting microwaved food lowers red blood cell counts, raises white blood cell counts, increases cholesterol, and produces radiolytic compounds!   Whoa!

Stuff like this just makes me wonder why they haven’t been banned!

So even though tossing something in the micro saves time and energy, my friend may be right.   I’ve started using my stove and crock pot a lot more and I recommend that you eat as much fresh food as you can and avoid that old nuker!.  Avoiding that thing is the only way to know for sure you are eating healthy.

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