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I’ve had a lot of requests lately for an ab routine that can do at home so today’s post is just that.

Like everything in life, even your abs benefit from order and routine. Did you know that the way you set up your abdominal workout will affect how much you get out of it?

You can take the following three exercises and do them in any order you like, but if you do them in the order I have laid

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The order of your ab exercises makes a difference!

out for you, you will feel them more. Why? Because your body isn’t just one layer but many layers. Your abs are really no different. By working out your abs according to their layers, you will target and tone those muscles more effectively. Basically, the order you want starts with “lower” abs, then “middle” abs or obliques, and then “upper” abs.  The entire sheath of muscles is called your rectus abdominus.
The first exercise should incorporate your legs, so lay on your back and do some crunches with some knee-lifts or straight leg-lifts. Then move to twisting motions that nail your sides. Studies show that one of the most effective abdominal exercises you can do is the bicycle crunch, or the Pilates “Criss Cross.” Finish with some held crunches, lifting and keeping the squeeze.

Try 15 to 20 reps of each thing. Do them back to back, take a rest and then repeat. Two or three sets should take about 10 minutes. Add some cardio, and your gut will look more gallant in no time flat! (pun intended!)

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