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San Diego Personal Trainer

JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.

San Diego Personal Trainer

JJ Brawley is San Diego’s TOP Fitness and Weight Loss Expert. He has a very strong background in nutrition and fitness education with 7 years of personal training experience. JJ is a published writer, member of the fitness writer’s network, contributing writer to both ACE and IDEA and is an avid fitness, wellness and lifestyle blogger. JJ combines his skills as a marathon runner, competitive 10k athlete and background in the martial arts with modern day science in a practical yet fun approach to fitness training making his weight loss technique’s both challenging and very effective. Since 2003 JJ has helped local residents lose a total of 6,972lbs of body fat and counting.

But JJ was not always a fitness instructor. After 15 years in the music business he decided he had enough of the hard and fast lifestyle. After a failed business venture with a night club he closed the doors to the night life and opened the doors to fitness. After hiring a personal trainer of his own, he decided it was time to dedicate himself to fitness and health and so he returned to the academic world to earn a degree in Kinesiology.

If you’re looking for a trainer with both passion and expertise to help you with your fitness and fat loss goals, or to improve your athleticism or just to help improve your health, JJ has the motivational skills and expertise you need. He has an amazing knack for translating the confusing world of fitness jargon into easy to understand and practical information you can use. He will always take into account your level of fitness, age, ability and goals to design the perfect fitness program for you and your lifestyle.