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WARNING! The first portion of this BLOG post contains completely childish humor so if you are easily offended, not easily amused or just a plain old PRUDE…You might just want to skip it because you won’t think it’s funny in the slightest….

Ok so the truth be told I am really just a big kid on the inside. Still to this day I get a real kick out of the silliest of things that most find immature.  Take for example, “farts.”  I don’t know why, but I just find anything fart related to be a complete riot

I have my teen aged step son staying with me right now and he must just think I’m a complete nut because I can’t help but keep up with the fart jokes.  Truth be told I’ve been able to pull more of them off on him than anyone else in the world and I am quite amused by it.  I even got him to fall for the never gets dull “pull my finger” gag more than once and I have never been more proud.

Now I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say that many men are still like this to one degree or another.   I just happen to know a high profile officer in the military that will giggle like a little school boy if you even so much as mention the word ‘duty’ in a sentence and to be quite honest, so do I.  Do NOT even get started with the funniest word there is “Man Hole” or worse yet “Diarrhea”  which always makes me break in out in hysterical laughter.  OK now try this… The next time you are at a party and bored, try ending every ones sentence with the phrase “diarrhea.”   Go on, give it a try…They may not think its funny…at first, but you will!

So as you can imagine the above childish mentality is exactly why I still find it humorous as all hell when guys at the gym mention a “food log.”  As soon as someone says that I literally start to picture a “log of food.”  I just think it sounds like one of those gifts you get during the holidays that Hickory Farms might put out.  And of course my immature thoughts are just like Homer Simpson and I just start to think “Mmmm Food!”

JJ on the Inside!

JJ on the Inside!

Calling it a “food diary” simply leads to the aforementioned world’s funniest word, so that wont work either. I think a better and more accurate term is “nutrition journal.” But realistically at this point if someone said to me “nutrition journal”  I think I would just say “You mean food log?”

Let’s move on…

The reason I bring up the “food log” is a recent study. Kaiser Permanente recruited 1700 participants and tracked their progress as they embarked on a weight loss journey.  This moderate weight loss plan involved both exercise and a healthy diet.

It turns out that the dieters who kept a daily journal (or food log :) ) of every single thing they ate lost TWICE as much weight as those who did not.

Now the fact that loggers lost more weight does not surprise me in the least.  But losing double what the others dieters did is simply astounding.

It comes back to a point I constantly harp on: Accountability. Keeping track of your eating habits keeps you accountable for what you consume. The majority of Americans  vastly underestimate the amount of food they actually consume.  The proof is in the waistline.  When you write it down everything is right there in black and white.  Hidden habits are uncovered, and nutritional missteps come to light.

“It had a very big impact,” one study participant noted. “If I was walking through the kitchen and wanted to grab a cookie or a brownie, I would think twice because I knew I had to write it down.”

I require all of my clients to keep a food journal. The ones that actually keep track make better progress every time, without fail.  You don’t need anything fancy to write it down.  It can be a napkin or a notebook, just as long as you DO write it down. However I do offer my clients a very nice journal for tracking both their nutrition and their daily fitness.

You can see the training  journal video I show all of my clients here…

Training Journal Video

Keeping track of what you eat is one of the easiest secrets to fat loss success I can think of. If it makes you think twice about what you are consuming and that alone is worth it!

Call it a nutrition journal, or a food log it just doesn’t matter – make it your duty.


To Your Continued Success

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