24 Days – This one is for the kids!

I have been getting a lot of emails and calls about my 24 Day Challenge Nutrition Program over the last few days.  So you may have already heard that I was running my own “Biggest Loser” style contest and I am giving away a bunch of cool prizes.  So of course, people have been really motivated to do this contest, especially since it involves winning MONEY!  But I wasn’t able to take on a lot of contestants for the beta program because I was running the meetings at my friends house and well, it’s just a tad small!

(If you were one of the people who didn’t get to attend I do hope you understand, nothing personal)

But….I am making arrangements to start a new group of contestants this weekend and as such we have three new meeting times scheduled for you to chose from.  So in other words, I have multiple options for you to get involved in this contest!

But first, I should tell you what the winner gets!

I think it goes without saying that all participants will get a new, more lean, more sexy body and I happen to think that alone is a TON of motivation, but for some people….It isn’t much, so I am tossing in a bonus.

The winner of this round will have a choice of one of the following

  • 1 Month of FREE Unlimited Sessions at my Boot Camp (either location)
  • 1 Series of 5 Personal Training Sessions with me at my La Mesa Studio
  • 5 Massage Therapy Sessions with my lovely wife Amanda. (you chose where)

Oh….and….I am also donating $1 for every pound lost on this program to a local charity that helps feed hungry kids.

So you get to learn about nutrition , lose some fat and help feed hungry kids all at the same time!

Isn’t that cool?

Now if you have not heard about my 24 Day Challenge Nutrition Program then you likely have questions.  Here is the scoop.

First, I want to tell you this is NOT a diet!  The 24 Day Challenge is about developing good nutrition habits and learning to eat the right foods at the right time.  The program features a very simple nutrition & supplementation plan for those who would like to see dramatic results in their physique in the shortest time possible.  This program was designed by a registered dietician and an elite level personal trainer and has been backed by world class Advocare products and a team of dedicated medical professionals who are highly respected in the fitness industry.  I really do mean that!  I would certainly NOT endorse a program that was not THOROUGHLY tested and PROVEN to work!  And let me tell you….I have seen some friggin AMAZING results come from those who followed this program.

By following this program you will learn how to incorporate a “Zig-Zag” method of eating into your nutrition so that we can “trick your body” into releasing fat stores.  This program will also help you find the “right” supplements to help you fill in any gaps you may have in your daily nutrition making your success practically guaranteed!

When you come to the workshop we will also explain why you actually need a SPIKE in your weekly calorie intake in order to avoid a fat loss plateau!

Honestly, nutrition has never been made so easy!

Now you don’t have to take my boot camp or train with me to do this program and in all honesty, you don’t actually have to exercise….But I will tell you… Your results are going to be a heck of a lot better if you do!    So if you can train on your own, with another trainer or with a friend you will certainly see some dramatic results and I really want you to see results so please find a way to make exercise part of this program.  I am just putting this disclaimer in here because I don’t want anyone to feel as though I am trying to sell them on one of my fitness programs. This program is TRULY about helping people get results and not about me selling my fitness classes.  So please don’t think you are going to get pressured into attending my classes if you come to this workshop.

Really, this is a simple eating “plan” backed with a simple “supplementation” plan.  You can choose to “read it and eat it,” or you can dive head first into learning the science behind the program.  I will leave that option up to you and I will coach you all the way to the end.

So if you’re one of those people who are “on-the-go” and don’t have time for complicated recipes then this program is without a doubt for you.


Without Further Delay….The workshop times are…

Sunday November 14th 2010

We meet at 4pm at McKenna’s Martial Arts

8314 Parkway Drive

La Mesa, CA  91942

(Next to On Cue Billiards)

Can only hold 25 People

Monday November 15th 2010

We meet at 7:30pm at Sol Gym

1040 University Ave B-203

San Diego, Ca 92103

(in the Ralphs Shopping Center)

Can only hold 25 People

Tuesday November 16th 2010

We meet at 7:30pm at Sol Gym

1040 University Ave B-203

San Diego, Ca 92103

(in the Ralphs Shopping Center)

Can only hold 25 People

Now I do mean it when I say that I can only take 25 people at each of these locations, so if you want to attend, I do really need you to RSVP.   You can do this by calling me, emailing me or even by sending me a text message.

The number to call is 619-800-3480

To Your Continued Success

JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.

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Helping People Look Better Naked Since 2003

Inner City Boot Camp Program Coordinator

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