21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program





The 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program That  Guarantee’s Results!



Who Else Wants To Melt Fat, Lose Weight And Claim Their New Body In Just Three Short Weeks With My New 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Workout?

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp Starts -This Monday-


This is the Jumpstart You Need to Launch Into Your New Body…


imageDear Friend,

Lets be totally honest with each other.  We are all looking for the fastest way to lose weight and get that new sexy, toned up body…am I right?

But the truth is, that their is no “quick fix for” permanent fat loss (I don’t care what the infomercials claim). But I did go to the drawing board to craft a new 21 day rapid fat loss program that’s right up your alley – if you want fast results.

Just imagine how good you will feel when you easily slip back into your favorite “skinny jeans” or wear a sexy swimsuit with total confidence again.

Or how great it will be to step out of the shower, look in the mirror and know that you are finally getting BETTER every day instead of slowly getting worse and worse.

And that’s EXACTLY why I created my new 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.

I mean ANYONE can do this for 21 Days, Right?  Well these San Diego residents below did and they are sure glad (and you will be too).


The following participants lost a significant amount of weight and inches during their 21 days rapid fat loss program and then continued the program for several more months to achieve even more amazing results.







Here’s what you get with the

“21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program”…

  • 3 Weeks Access to the most Cutting-Edge and Advanced Workouts in the San Diego Area – We combine SCIENCE with proven workout techniques and make it FUN so you’ll transform your own body FAST.


  • Consistency – Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it…So get a jump start on the “new year’s resolution” craze – because you’re already fit and you kept at it all-year long (57% of US population who starts working out on their own, quits within 60 days…that won’t be you).


  • Ongoing coaching – If fitness would come in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. That’s why we’re here for you 24/7 to coach and motivate you through the transformation that will change your life!


  • Fun workouts – 63% of America has issues at work that include a mean boss, incompetent co-workers, and an overload of stress. Release all that negativity with fun workouts that improve your attitude, energy, and life in general. Plus, if it wasn’t fun you probably wouldn’t show up.


  • Individualized workout plans – Ever wondered whether your exercising was actually ‘doing something’? NO more of that! With my instructions and routines your every move makes sense.


  • Nutritional guidance – Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork… Instead, go to school with us on nutrition and you will finally discover what to eat, when to eat, and even how to eat. I warn you, you’ll be shocked when I tell you what foods are bad and how bad they really are (…you probably had one of them in the last 24 hours)


  • Workouts that push you beyond your comfort zone – If necessary, we’ll put you on track. And we have no problem in pushing you to get things going for you.






21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Starts This Monday!

My Boot Camp is pretty much full, but we do have room for another small group so I thought I’d let you know that my NEW 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program is starting again, and the best part is that the 21 day program is discounted to only $97 and INCLUDES a 21 day meal plan program, healthy shopping guide and unlimited sessions for three full weeks..

The only catch is that the camp is almost full and we can only take on about 12 more participates.

So if you’re ready to fit into your skinny jeans again and want to firm and tone your body all while dropping inches and pounds then make sure to register for my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp.

Here’s how to register…

Just call my hotline at (619) 800-3480 and let me know that you want in on the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp and I’ll get you all dialed and ready to go… Or if you’d prefer, simply fill out the form below and sign up online right now.

ONLY $149 $97
For 21 Days of Fat Melting Workouts

Just to be clear, This Offer Is For New Clients ONLY. Specifically, this means any person who has NOT YET trained with Brawley Health & Fitness.

Receive the following Special Bonus Gifts When you Join Today – a $254.00 Value!…


Jump Start Nutrition Plan $99 FREE

3 Reports That Reveal The Untold Secrets To:
Sexy Abs, Ultimate Fitness, and weight loss supplements
a $130 Value – Yours FREE!


So lets Get Stated!

Simply Call (619) 800-3480

and take your first steps to your new body now.

Or if you’d prefer, fill out the form below and get started today!




The boot camp will take place at:

McKenna’s Martial Arts
8314 Parkway Drive
La Mesa, CA. 91942
M-W-F 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am(women only)


“Bird Park” in Morley Field
Corner of 28th & Thorn
San Diego, CA. 92104
Mon-Fri 5:30pm
Mon-Thurs 6:30pmjjballwhite
Saturday 9:00am






Looking forward to seeing you there!





JJ Brawley N.C.P.T.






PS. Like I said we only have room for about 12 more participants for the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program and I’m sure it will fill out quickly.

P.P.S. I Guarantee you’re either 100% satisfied your new body in 21 days or you don’t pay one single penny. So you have nothing to lose but those stubborn pounds and inches. That’s how confident I am in this carefully crafted program.

Here’s the number to call to secure your spot now (619) 800-3480

Here’s my 100% satisfaction guarantee



An interesting point: 21 days from now you’ll either be a month older and possibly a few pounds heavier, or, you can be a 5-10 pounds lighter and 21 days closer to your fitness goal.

You decide which on you would rather be one 21 days from now. Be sure you make the smart choice and call (619) 800-3480 today.

Remember, your success is totally guaranteed!  If you follow our workouts and nutritional advice and you still can’t make it work, we’ll refund every last penny of your investment!

Fair enough?

$149 $97

So let’s get off the couch and get started!

Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Here is the Number one more time:

Call (619) 800-3480

The benefits of your future are created by the steps you take today! So take the first step toward a better future by signing up right now for my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp.  Just click the button below and you’ll be on your way.

Register Now!


Brawley Health & Fitness  provides a boot camp in San Diego, CA in the North Park Area as well as the La Mesa area.  We provide private training, group training, nutritional coaching and weight loss services.

* Results are not typical. These results are only typical of our clients who followed the nutritional guidelines of their personal trainer, showed up to their boot camp sessions consistently, and worked hard to achieve their fitness goals.