10 Simple ways to turn that frown around.

10 Simple ways to turn that frown around.

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If you’re feeling a bit down or even if you’re not and you just want to feel even better;  here are some of the ways that I personally combat my own negative thoughts and feelings.

  1. Drive or walk a different way to work. Become a tourist in your own town!  Seek out museums, art galleries, new restaurants, vintage movie theaters, book stores, and other places you have never been before.  You will discover a whole new world right around the corner.
  2. Visit a local organic vegetable grower. Pick some strawberries, or go pumpkin hunting.  You will find that picking out your own fruit and vegetables on a warm and sunny day is quite magical.  Take the family or friends along and take lots of pictures.  The memories will be cherished for a lifetime.
  3. Collect a quote of the day. Go to the local library or search the internet.  Think of a theme that fits something going on in your life, such as obstacles, fear, doubt, happiness, love and find positive inspiration in the verses and quotes of those who have been through the same feelings.  Make a book of them, hang them on your wall or post them on you social media site for a daily dose of inspiration.
  4. Learn a new fact or word everyday. Open up the dictionary or encyclopedia to a random page and with your eyes closed, select at random a new word.  Copy it down and make a sentence using the word.  You will grow your vocabulary and the feeling of learning something new everyday will give you a great sense of accomplishment.
  5. Go shopping at the local farmers market. Try a vegetable that you have never eaten before; perhaps a cauliflower in a color you have never seen, or try some specialty cheese made from goat’s milk.   Not only are you supporting local business and helping out the local economy but the colors, the smells and the diversity of people at the market are always inspiring and will brighten any sour mood.
  6. Capture some fireflies or ladybugs. A jar full of fireflies will always bring joy and a great big smile to your face.  Any worries or troubles you may have been experiencing will soon disappear.  Releasing the ladybugs into your garden will make you feel as though you are saving the world; from pesticides and harmful products.
  7. Hold your own personal film festival Invite some friends over and watch all the movies made by one actor or director.  If you love movies then become an expert at the trivia in the things you love.  Have trivia contests with your friends and revel in winning your own version of trivia pursuit. The camaraderie of friends will surely provide joy in our life.
  8. Read an autobiography of a war survivor Just remember, that there is always someone somewhere in the world that had it worse than you.  Find an author that fascinates you and draw strength from them.  Read the book as if you were trying to get to know them personally, and when you are feeling down, recall their plight and look for motivation in their words as if they were your close friend.  In the end you will learn something about yourself!
  9. Volunteer to help others. The simple act of service to others will go a long way.  Find a cause or political issue that is of concern to you and do something about it!  Join a volunteer group and give selflessly.  You will soon find that the emotional rewards are far greater than the financial, and you will make lasting friendships along the way.
  10. Keep a Journal Focus on the positive aspects of your daily life.  Don’t write about the bad things because you want to be able to look for inspiration from yourself at later times. Putting focus on the negative aspects of your life simply brings about more negativity.  If the day just happens to be so darn awful that you just don’t have anything good to write, then write down a recipe or write a review of a movie or song that you like and tell yourself why you like it.  Consider publishing your journal online and allow others to post comments.  We can all draw strength from each other.

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